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Fit in the City – Fitness in Cape Town

Cape Town has evolved hugely over the past few decades, and a focus on health and wellness is one of the many ways it has transformed itself into a modern, user-friendly city. Its perfect climate, good roads and unique position between sea and mountain make it a big playground for the fitness-focused people of Cape…

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The Green Point Village

In a beautifully maintained Victorian house at the end of a sunny lane lives a celebrated cook, author and TV personality. In her dappled garden under a sprawling pomegranate tree is a generous table where friends and neighbours gather on summer evenings to drink Bordeaux and listen to her entertaining stories. She’s been living in…

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4 Things to do on the Atlantic Seaboard Today

1. Walk Through the Green Point Park Green Point’s Urban Park is a new addition to the area, and a triumph of planning and design. Its lush, generous lawns are a wonderful gathering place for families, and all weekend long it plays host to festive birthday celebrations, fun cricket matches and elaborate picnics. People arrive…

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