Embrace The Majestic Mediterranean

Embrace The Majestic Mediterranean

Embrace The Majestic Mediterranean

Mykonos, Lagoons, Dubai


From AED2,470,000

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Discover more of the majestic Mediterranean with the chic side of the Greek islands, where your best life is a way of life.

Situated in this paradise is a four bedroom townhouse with three bathrooms, open living room and dining room, a modern kitchen with laundry room and storage area.

While it is primarily known for its wild party scene, Mykonos offers luxury, history, top-notch cuisine, shimmering shores and unique tours and activities. Thanks to its location, Mykonos is also a leading island-hopping destination. The beaches of Mykonos have a unique vibe unlike any other beach you may have seen. The beach bars keep the fun flowing, with neverending music and dancing, refreshing beverages and playful cocktails in open air parties right at the splash of the waves. At the same time you can indulge in any water-related activity that comes to mind, from exhilarating watersports to scuba diving or even cruises to nearby beaches and neighboring islands.

Take a slight detour from the party to get lost in the sweetness of the Honey Bar. Indulge in a variety of pure, all-natural honeys and elevate your senses. The night is illuminated by a tranquil, open-air Glow Lounge. Enjoy a range of rejuvenating cocktails and vintages while taking in the sounds of nature.

Whether you choose to rest at, or stroll past, the Windmill Park, the winding paths will instantly transport you to the ‘Island of the Winds’ and keep the little ones entertained. Bringing a stylish take on Mykonos’ windmills, the winding paths of the Windmill Park are the best place to unwind or stroll around and keep the little ones entertained.

For when you want some sun, sand and luxury all rolled into one, come on down to the Beach Club. Home to a variety of cocktails and vintages, this is your space to recharge after a long week at work. Dip your toes, grab a swing and lounge at Paradise Beach, the ideal escape to rest, relax and recharge after a long week at work. Nothing screams weekend like sipping a crisp drink while sunbathing all afternoon and that’s exactly what you can do on the effortlessly cool luxury pool floats. At the Pool Bar and Floating Gardens, enjoy the serenity of nature at a crystal-clear pool, with outdoor seating area and a submerged pool bar for when you fancy rejuvenating in the water.

The Volcanic Stones Park graces the landscape to bring elements of nature close to you for the ultimate family-friendly experience.

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Floor Plans

4 Bedroom Floor plan

4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

Cluster Plan

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  • Where your best life is a way of life
    Embrace The Majestic Mediterranean

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