5 Bedroom House for Rent in Fresnaye

5 Bedroom House for Rent in Fresnaye

5 Bedroom House for Rent in Fresnaye

Head Road, Fresnaye, Cape Town Ward 54, Cape Town, City of Cape Town, Western Cape, 8005, South Africa



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811 m2


This Stefan Antoni built house sits on a private road nestled beneath the mountains in Fresnaye.

The two master suites located on the upper level of the house are flanked by a slightly smaller third but equally luxurious bedroom. All three bedrooms share a large balcony and are all en-suite the two masters have walk in wardrobes.

Boasting a large entertainment space on the main level, one can float between the lounge and dining room, enjoying the uninterrupted ocean views from the patio. There is a large outdoor kitchen with a built in outdoor dining area, fully equipped with outdoor speakers, loungers and an infinity rim pool with diving board.

There is a junior suite located one floor below with two bedrooms both en-suite and a living room, giving privacy for young adults or a playroom for younger children or merely as a guest suite for visiting guests.

The basement level comprises of a state of the art luxury cinema theatre, a fully equipped gym and a luxury two car garage / viewing gallery.

There is also access to the flat-let from the gym.

The house also features a built in humidor and hidden walk in safe and multiple storage nooks.

*Available from Jan 2023*


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