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Mouille Point Property Market Review

In the first of our mini-series covering the property market on the Atlantic Seaboard, we are focussing on apartment sales in Mouille Point for the period May 2020 to January 2021.
First here are some benchmark stats for apartment sales over the entire Atlantic Seaboard for the period:
👉Number of Sales 304
👉Average Size 107 m²
👉Rate / m² R 39821/m²
👉Average Days to Sell 127 days
👉Average Difference in Sales and Asking Price 17.1%
👉% Mortgaged 39.5%
Now let us focus on Mouille Point against the backdrop of the area averages above.
👉Number of Sales 17
👉Average Size 143m²
👉Rate / m² R 48 987/m²
👉Average Days to Sell 196 days
👉Average Difference in Sales and Asking Price 25.6%
👉% Mortgaged 35%
From our data we can see that the average rate per m² is 23% above the average for the Atlantic Seaboard and the average unit size is 33% bigger.
Properties took nearly 54% longer to sell, and when they did, they sold for 25.6% less than their asking price (8.5% more than the average).
We can also see that fewer people (35%) raised finance to buy here compared to the area average of 38.7%.
Put another way, 65% of all buyers paid cash.
We counted 7 properties where the seller dropped their asking price by at least 27%. 3 of these properties had been on the market for over a year.
A property in The Water Club had been on the market for R 19 million for 18 months, was sold for R 10 million (less 48%) in August.
Another in The Water Club had been on the market for R 7 995 000 was sold for R 5 075 000 (less 36.5%) after nearly 2 years on the market.
It is evident that this is a buyers’ market and that sales are happening where Sellers are prepared to reduce their asking price on average 17.5% but often twice that amount.
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