Find Your Smile

It has been a dry, white season, to quote André Brink’s iconic book, and few of us can remember a more dastardly period in our history. While we are not off the hook by any means, things are looking up as Covid numbers drop nationally and finally, after much anticipation, we enter lockdown level 2. As life slowly starts to feel (almost) normal again, it’s a good time to head out and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures. Here are a few ways to find your smile.

Play a Game of Putt Putt

All the reasons we loved Putt Putt (or, miniature golf) in the eighties are still there; it just went out of fashion. But it’s still a fun way to spend an afternoon. You get to be outdoors, have a laugh, surprise yourself with a hole-in-one and feel like a kid again. The Putt Putt course in Mouille Point has a lovely view of the sea, and fresh air and a bit of exercise are very good for the soul. Plus, it doesn’t rely on electricity which is an added bonus of late. When your game is over, get a soft-serve ice cream like you did in the old days, sit on the promenade wall and watch the world go by.

Go to the Spur

When everything is uncertain we humans long for familiarity, and something that has barely changed since the 1960s is the good old Spur. The smell of their burgers grilling is so unique, it’s recognisable from miles away. So much is different about present-day South Africa, but that restaurant is a constant, and when you slide into that familiar brown booth and your waiter comes over with a big smile, you can’t help but feel better about the world. The onion rings and chips with pink sauce are a no-brainer, but since bitter times call for something sweet, these are the days for a waffle piled with ice cream and golden syrup. The Sea Point Spur has an ocean view if you sit at one of the front tables, and it’s a block away from the promenade if you want to walk off a few calories.

Find an Antique at the Milnerton Market

Not long ago somebody paid R150 for a painting by a South African artist which turned out to be worth R30000. Sure, that doesn’t happen every day, but if you have a keen eye and a bit of patience, this ragtag, so-uncool-it’s-cool flea market situated on Marine Drive in Paarden Eiland can be something of a treasure trove. You’ll recognise things your granny had in her kitchen, find some great books at a fraction of the price and pick up items you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else: a brass ship’s lamp; silverware; hundred-year-old bottles; a jaffle iron from the seventies. And even if none of these things appeal, the individuals who run the stalls are interesting enough to warrant a visit. This is not the place to look for an acai bowl or vegetarian sushi. Instead, you’ll find a caravan selling Auntie Mymoena’s great-granny’s breyani, fresh pies and samoosas, bacon and egg rolls and savoury mince toasties. You’ll find fresh veggies, flowers, woodwork, herbs and spices, crockery, cutlery, car parts, supplements and likely a kitchen sink.

Visit CAFDA Book Shop

Looking for books in second-hand stores is way more fun than buying them new. CAFDA books on Sea Point Main Road has been accepting book donations from the public and selling them at good prices since 1961, all proceeds going to upliftment projects on the Cape Flats. Its books and magazines cover a wide array of genres, and it has a pretty solid collection of classics.

Rent a Kayak

Take in the unforgettable views of Signal Hill, Lion’s Head, Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles from the ocean when you book a kayak trip with Kaskazi Kayaks and Adventures, located off Three Anchor Bay. A trip to Granger Bay will take you past the lighthouse and the wrecks of the RMS Athens and the Seafarer, and don’t be surprised if a pod of dolphins accompanies you on your journey, or the splashing tail of a whale alerts you to the presence of these gentle ocean giants.

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